Work by Nick Cave

I would be inclined to say bravo but it could have been
bolder if the letters had been cut through the entire
building from front to back with black and clear cubes
of silicon filling in the space to hold the structure
up. For me this is just a quickie “bozza” of a yet to
be perfected work.

The artist takes the easy way out slapping on letters
to a building in the ilk of pieces by Cristo. I say gut
the building with the letters cutting through the
entire structure having a black and transparent silicon
squares in the space where the letters would be
passing through in order to hold up the rest of the
house. The above described derivative work would be
mine and the new text read be “believe your own eternal
truth”. In my derived art work the neo-colonial style
building would be a facsimile made with a 3 D printer
with doors, windows and rooms so one could pass inside
to side the letters filing the different spaces.
John S. Eischen, November 24, 2022 Thanksgiving Day
Member Adagp Paris